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Swear Jar

Bad Words Don’t Bother Me Anymore

June 12, 2016 | 4 Comments

I’m a Christian who cusses a little. Not a lot, or even every day, but every now and then bad words pop out before I even realize I’m going to say them. You know the...

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Here are nine simple tips that will have you glowing through summer and the rest of your life. You will notice a wonderful improvement in your skin, body, and you will feel great! This...

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For Everything There is a Season

June 7, 2016 | 1 Comments

I look back and am overwhelmed by how far I’ve come, how good God is, how He truly turned my suffering into His glory, and how deeply grateful I am for the trials from my...

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Stop Hate

It’s Time to Stop the Hate

June 6, 2016 | 1 Comments

Wake up America! Hate is tearing across our country like a runaway train, and no one seems to be at the controls. The worst part is I’m not sure we even want to stop it, as...

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On this journey called life we can get so caught up in making it to our goals that we don’t take time to appreciate the milestones or the moment. Measuring progress is a great way...

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best friends

Know That You are Not Alone

May 23, 2016 | 0 Comments

Oh my God, that’s just how I feel. How did you know? Did somebody tell you what was happening to me? When I read that chapter, it was like you were seeing into my soul…time...

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